May 12, 20235th Empire 7072

Bossa Nova Beat Battle

Discover the history and evolution of Bossa Nova, from its roots in Brazil to its influence on jazz, electronic music, and DJing. Learn how Bossa Nova inspired a Beat Battle in Boise and vote for your favorite DJ. Explore the ongoing impact of Bossa Nova on music and its enduring appeal to artists around the world.

March 13, 20235th Empire 5650

Django Unchained: The Soundtrack That Inspired A Generation of DJs

Mighty DeltaOne | Django Flip HansCholo | Django Enji | Jango Loading… Which Django Inspired Beat Hits the Hardest? Vote Above   When Quentin Tarantino’s western film Django Unchained hit theaters in 2012, it was met with critical acclaim and box office success. The film starred Jamie Foxx as the titular character, a former slave turned bounty hunt …

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