Jamiroquai beat battle featuring 5th Empire producers.



The Mighty DeltaOne

In the electrifying realm of beat battles, where the clashing tunes of producers resonate through every corner, a new saga is being scripted. The distinguished 5th Empire has thrown down the gauntlet in a grand beat battle, attracting a consortium of skilled producers to this musical arena. The crucible for this battle? A sample from the soul-stirring track “Everyday” by the iconic Jamiroquai. As the producers delve into this rhythmic challenge, they will remix this classic tune, each imprinting their unique signature of beats and tempo. But only one can wear the crown of Producer Dominance, and it’s the listeners who will bestow it. With every vote, they inch closer to finding the champion among champions.

The essence of “Everyday” encapsulates a blend of funk and acid jazz, a hallmark of Jamiroquai’s style. Released in the buoyant ’90s, this track swept listeners into a groove with its rhythmic beat and enthralling melodies. Its enduring resonance in the music scene makes it a glorious battlefield for the producers of today.

As the producers dissect “Everyday”, they will explore the terrains of its rhythmic essence, each rendering a new shade to its musical silhouette. The beat battle is not just a test of skill but a homage to the rich tapestry of sounds that Jamiroquai bestowed upon the musical realm.

5th Empire, renowned for its musical soirees, has set a stage where innovation meets tradition. This beat battle is a celebration of the continuum of music, from the ’90s to the present, marking the evolution of sounds and beats. The array of producers, each with a distinct style, will delve into “Everyday”, extracting, twisting, and morphing its beats to claim the champion’s crown. As they lay down their remixes, the listeners are bestowed with the power to vote, to discern the maestro among maestros.

The beat battle by 5th Empire is a homage, a challenge, and a celebration rolled into one. It’s a journey back to the rhythmic essence of “Everyday”, and a stride into the future of music. As the producers concoct their remixes, the realm of music holds its breath. The crown of Producer Dominance twinkles under the spotlight, awaiting the head that would bear it.

As the beats of “Everyday” echo through the corridors of 5th Empire, every remix is a tribute to Jamiroquai’s legacy. The journey of “Everyday” from the vintage vinyl to the modern mixer is a testament to the timeless essence of music.

Engage in this rhythmic odyssey, cast your vote, and be part of a legacy of sounds as 5th Empire’s beat battle tunes into the heartbeats of every listener. The realm of music is pulsating with anticipation, as beats battle to remix the past and rhythm the future.

This beat battle is not just a clash of tunes, but a symphony of legacy, creativity, and evolution. So, plug in, tune in, and may the best remix reign supreme!


Mike Gradian

While not only a Boise, Idaho DJ, Mike Gradian has been a staple DJ in the "City of Trees" for decades. He continues to grace venues across the state keeping the art of turntablism alive!

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