Mighty DeltaOne Mighty DeltaOne

America's Favorite DJ.

Master MC Master MC

Weddings, corporate events, and backyard BBQs are all better with a seasoned MC who knows how to work a crowd.

Custom Mixes Custom Mixes

Whether mashups of house and funk are your flavor, or hip hop and soul, we got the recipe.

What's Cookin'


When it comes to live and special events, we have you covered from start to finish.

  • Live Instruments
    Having the right DJ who doubles up as a sound technician for LIVE gigs is paramount to success.
  • Music MC
    Working the crowd is an art form developed only by decades of experience. We got you covered.
  • Music Afficionado
    No genre is out of reach. We can mix and beat match like nobody's business.
  • DJ Gear
    Featuring a healthy combo of old school controllers and new school tech, we keep the party bumpin'.
  • Sound-Quality
    The right sound system makes all the difference when it comes to capturing memories. We carry only top of the line in audio gear.
  • Party Planning
    Communication is key and one of our primary focuses to ensure events sail smoothly.


Learn to master the 1s and 2s by seasoned professionals

Music Theory

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Beat Matching

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Essential Skills and Techniques

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Booking Gigs

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Working the Room

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Sample Mixes

Recent Drops

A preview to some of our recent mixes that push genre boundaries.

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