5th Empire Boise, Idaho Beat Battle featuring the song "If" by the soft rock band, Bread.

In the vibrant digital halls of 5th Empire, a new beat battle emerges, sending waves of excitement across the music production community. This time, the challenge is unique: four of the platform’s most inventive producers—Enji, Louie, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne—are set to go head-to-head, remixing the soft rock classic “If” by Bread. Known for their distinctive styles and musical prowess, this battle promises to be a convergence of creativity and nostalgia.



Mighty DeltaOne


The Challenge:
The song “If” by Bread, a quintessential soft rock ballad, encapsulates the essence of the 1970s music scene with its gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The challenge for our producers is not just to remix this classic but to infuse it with their unique sounds, transforming the track into something that resonates with today’s audience while retaining the song’s original spirit.

The Contenders:

  • Enji: Known for his ethereal soundscapes and intricate melodies, Enji brings a delicate touch to the battle. His approach to “If” is anticipated to be a blend of ambient textures and soft electronic elements, promising a remix that soothes the soul while captivating the mind.
  • Louie: Louie, with his roots in hip-hop and a knack for crafting catchy beats, is expected to inject a robust rhythmic foundation into the classic track. His fans are eager to see how he will weave the tender melodies of “If” with his signature dynamic beats.
  • Moisauce: A maestro of mood-setting, Moisauce’s remixes are known for their immersive atmospheres. His interpretation of “If” is likely to transform the song into a cinematic experience, blending genres and eras.
  • Mighty DeltaOne: The wildcard of the group, Mighty DeltaOne’s eclectic style has always defied expectations. His approach to the beat battle remains a mystery, raising anticipation for a remix that could very well steal the show.

The 5th Empire beat battle, centered around the soft rock classic “If” by Bread, stands as a testament to the power of music to bridge generations and genres. Through the distinct lenses of Enji, Louie, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne, the song is reborn, illustrating the endless possibilities inherent in musical creativity and reinterpretation. Listeners, now’s your moment to press play and cast your vote for whose remix resonates with you most!


Mike Gradian

While not only a Boise, Idaho DJ, Mike Gradian has been a staple DJ in the "City of Trees" for decades. He continues to grace venues across the state keeping the art of turntablism alive!

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