Boise, Idaho producers from 5th Empire beat battle featuring Portrait's "Here We Go Again".




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In a musical showdown like no other, 5th Empire’s elite producers, including GVBE, Enji, Louie, HansCholo, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne, take center stage to remix the timeless R&B classic “Here We Go Again” by Portrait. But before we dive into this thrilling battle, let’s journey back in time to understand the historical context of Portrait, the R&B and New Jack Swing era, and how their hit song “Here We Go Again” sampled Michael Jackson’s iconic track “I Can’t Help It” from the Off the Wall album. Join us as we explore the evolution of R&B music and the magic of remixing in this epic musical quest.

In the heart of the digital music landscape, 5th Empire continues to push the boundaries of creativity with its legendary beat battles. This time, six extraordinary producers—GVBE, Enji, Louie, HansCholo, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne—gather to reinvigorate the R&B classic “Here We Go Again” by Portrait. As the virtual stage is set, it’s worth delving into the rich history of Portrait, the essence of the R&B and New Jack Swing era, and how “Here We Go Again” achieved its legendary status by sampling Michael Jackson’s iconic track “I Can’t Help It” from the Off the Wall album.

Portrait: A Flashback to R&B’s Glory

Portrait, the American R&B and hip hop vocal quartet, emerged during a pivotal era in music history. Originating from Los Angeles, California, Portrait’s music was deeply influenced by the new jack swing style that characterized the late 1980s and early 1990s. The quartet comprised members Michael Angelo Saulsberry, Irving Washington III, Eric Kirkland, and Philip Johnson, each contributing to the group’s distinctive sound. Their debut in 1992 marked the culmination of the new jack swing era, and their self-titled album featured the breakout single “Here We Go Again!”

“Here We Go Again!” and the New Jack Swing Era

Portrait’s debut single, “Here We Go Again!” was nothing short of a sensation. What made this track remarkable was its clever sampling of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” from the Off the Wall album. This masterful fusion of R&B and new jack swing elements resulted in a sound that resonated with audiences worldwide. The song soared to #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached #3 on the R&B chart in early 1993, solidifying Portrait’s place in the music industry.

The group’s success extended to television, where they were featured in an episode of “Family Matters,” performing their hit “Here We Go Again!” at a high school prom. This exposure only added to their popularity and showcased the broader cultural impact of their music.

The R&B and New Jack Swing Era: A Musical Revolution

Portrait’s rise to fame was intrinsically tied to the new jack swing movement, which defined a generation of music lovers. New jack swing, characterized by its fusion of R&B, hip hop, and electronic dance beats, marked a significant shift in the R&B genre. Artists like Portrait were at the forefront of this musical revolution, ushering in a fresh era of groove-infused melodies and danceable rhythms.

The new jack swing movement brought together artists, producers, and listeners, creating a cultural phenomenon that transcended genres and demographics. It laid the foundation for the contemporary R&B landscape we know today.

5th Empire’s Beat Battle: A Tribute to the Past and Future

Now, fast forward to the present day, where 5th Empire’s beat battle serves as a tribute to the rich history of R&B and new jack swing. GVBE, Enji, Louie, HansCholo, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne, each carrying a piece of the genre’s legacy, are about to embark on a musical journey that pays homage to Portrait’s iconic track “Here We Go Again.” Their challenge is to reimagine this classic, infusing it with their unique artistry and modern production techniques.

As these producers go head to head, listeners are invited to press play and witness the evolution of a timeless masterpiece. The beat battle is not merely a competition but a celebration of the enduring appeal of R&B and the innovative spirit of music remixing. It’s a chance to cast your vote and be part of this epic quest for sonic excellence.

In the world of music, where past and present collide, 5th Empire’s beat battle promises to be a mesmerizing experience. As GVBE, Enji, Louie, HansCholo, Moisauce, and Mighty DeltaOne breathe new life into “Here We Go Again,” we’re reminded of the power of music to transcend time and connect generations. This battle is not just about remixing a classic; it’s about preserving the soul of R&B while pushing its boundaries. The stage is set, the beats are ready, and the battle begins. Who will reign supreme in this musical showdown? Press play, cast your votes, then stay tuned to find out.


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